Start a Ecwid Online Store

What Is Ecwid?

Ecwid is an online e-commerce platform where you can build a store, upload your products, and charge your customers money for their purchases. It is not a new company, as it has been around since 1999. The company’s goal is to help online sellers to build an affordable store that is easy to use.

Ecwid allows you to customize your online shop fully. Many online platforms do not allow you to do this. With Ecwid, you can even implement the program on any platform, and then you will be ready to sell. It is compatible with CMS and social network platforms.

Here is an example:

  • You already have a blog in WordPress
  • You decide you want to build a store
  • Typically, you have to build a new site.
  • With Ecwid, just implement the app in WordPress, and your WordPress blog becomes an e-commerce store.

It is so simple to use, and you do not even need knowledge about computer programming. You can implement Ecwid on your current platform with only a few clicks on your mouse.

How Do You Create Your E-commerce Store with Ecwid?

Setting up your e-commerce store with Ecwid is fairly easy and fast; all you have to do is follow the simple steps below:

Create an Account

This is the first step you need to take on your way to creating an e-commerce store of your own. On the software’s homepage, click on “Get Started” and fill in your full name, email address, and a password you can remember in the window that pops up. Your account should be ready immediately, and you should be able to log in thereafter.

Create Your Online Store

After you’ve successfully created your ECwid account, an intuitive dashboard, which includes all the tools you’ll need for your e-commerce store, will be made available. Click the bar on which “Create Your Online Store” is inscribed. You’ll be asked if you have an existing website or not.

Add Your Products

Now that you have your own e-commerce store, you can now proceed with adding products to it. To do this, navigate through Catalog (1) -> Products (2) -> and click on “Add New Product” (3) on the dashboard; a window where you’ll be asked to input product name, price, and the image will pop up.

Verify Your Geo Settings

While setting up your e-commerce store, Ecwid will require that you provide information such as your country, currency, and weight measurement used in your country; this is to ensure that items placed on your store appear accurately with the right description and categorization. Click “Verify Geo Settings” to set this up.

Set a Shipping Method

While an e-commerce store for most people translates to selling physical goods, understand that it is also viable for individuals who sell digital products as well. If you offer digital services or products, you might want to skip this step as you’re not expected to deliver any good to any location.

However, if you sell physical goods, click “Set Shipping Method” on the dashboard. Thereon, you’ll be asked to choose your preferred carrier and rate. This largely depends on your region. If you’re in the United States, you will most likely be given options such as the United States Postal Service (USPS) rate. If carriers peculiar to your region don’t appear in the options given, you can simply click “Set Custom Carrier Rates” and follow the instructions.

Choose Your Payment Method

This is the last setup process you go through to complete your e-commerce store with Ecwid. To set how you want to get paid by your customers, navigate to the “Payment bar” on the dashboard menu, and click on it.

Depending on your region, different payment options will be made available to you. Some of which include ‘Pay by Cash,’ Stripe, Paypal’, Square, Manual payment methods as well as options to choose from available numerous payment processors.

Make Customizations to Your Site’s Design

Now that you have a fully set-up e-commerce store, you might want to modify some design elements of your site to make it look less generic and more distinctive. To do this, navigate to the “Configurations” section on your dashboard and click on ‘Design” and then play around with the given options.

You can set your site’s theme, as well as design elements such as product alignment, item attributes displayed, and so many others. Should you get lost or tamper with the design, you can choose to revert to the original design by using the “Default” button.

What Do You Benefit From Using Ecwid?

Ecwid will certainly make it into my top list of the best e-commerce site builder out there. The software has a ton of toolset which you can harness to capture more leads, grow your business, and gain insights into your business’ performance. By using Ecwid, you can:

Get Reporting & Analytics:

Ecwid provides you with metrics on which of your products are the most sort after, the number of end-users that visit your store, as well as reports on your business health and finances. You can harness this information to adjust your business and drive productivity.

See What Customers Interact with on Your Site:

Ecwid provides a metrical playback of how users interact with your website. This may include what sections of your website they spend time on the most, how long it takes time to make a payment, and the overall accessibility of your site.

Capture More Leads and Boost Sales:

Ecwid has marketing and advertising toolset, which can expose your products to more audience. This will help boost sales by promoting your product on various social media platforms, some of which are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Some of these options are available as plugins that must be downloaded before usage. Also, note that they are only available on the premium plans.

Ecwid Premium Plans and Features

Ecwid pricing is tailored to suit enterprises of different sizes and structures; for this reason. its subscription plans are as follows:


This plan makes provision for the support of up to 10 products and it includes features such as mobile shopping cart, no transaction fee and many more.

Venture Plan

This plan, which caters to 100 products, is priced at $15 per month or $12.5/month when paid annually, and with it, you can build not only website stores but Facebook shops and Instagram stores as well. It also comes with Google advertising, Facebook advertising, Pinterest advertising, etc., as well as a dedicated Android or iOS mobile app to manage your e-commerce store.

Business Plan

The business plan, which caters to 2500 products, is priced at $35 per month or $29.17/month when paid annually, and its sales channels allow you to connect your site with Amazon or eBay and sell directly from there. Also, the plan comes with automated marketing emails that engage your customers with content peculiar to your business. Note that other features on the venture plan are also available on this one.

Unlimited Plan

The unlimited, which is the most robust Ecwid plan, costs $99 per month or $82.5/month when paid annually. In addition to the features also available on the two aforementioned plans, this one comes with a dedicated point of sale (POS) system. In addition, it comes with your own branded mobile shopping app.

This app will be developed for you within 48 hours, and it will be made available on both iOS on Android platforms. The app will work just as effectively as the created web version of your store, and your customers can harness it for easier and quicker accessibility of your services.

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