The Right Brain Business Plan

Are you a right-brain entrepreneur, heart-centered professional, or world changer ready to create a sustainable and profitable business?

Do you have big visions but struggle with seeing the tactics through?

Have you been challenged with getting yourself out there in a bigger way and making more moola?

If you’re tired of the stereotype that creatives can dream big but can’t get anything done, let alone make money and you’re wanting to learn how to break that cycle for yourself, you’re going to get so much out of the f*ree Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit which runs February 25th through March 8th.

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Jennifer Lee, author of the best-selling book The Right-Brain Business Plan, has gathered an inspiring panel of thought leaders and go-getters who’ll show you the path to more productivity and profit.

[for people who participated last year] I participated last year and I learned so much about how to leverage my right-brain genius in my business. [And with my Booster Pass I loved that I could revisit the inspiring materials anytime I wanted to/ And with my Premium Pass I loved that I got extra support from Jenn and my fellow creative cohorts to help me move forward in my business.]

Jenn has taken the stale telesummit and transformed this virtual event into a fresh and interactive learning experience like no other. Since it’s video, you’ll get to see all the speakers in action like they’re right there in the room with you! Plus most of them will join us live in the chat room to answer your questions in real-time.

Here are just a few of the luminaries you’ll learn from: [Pick a 3-4 speakers you'd like to highlight for your audience]

  • Dan Pink, NY Times Best-Selling Author of To Sell is Human and A Whole New Mind
  • Bari Tessler Linden, founder of The Art of Money
  • Beth Nicholls, founder of Do What You Love and co-founder of Hello Soul. Hello Business.
  • Casey Truffo, founder of Be a Wealthy Therapist and the International Therapist Leadership Institute
  • Charlie Gilkey, founder of Productive Flourishing
  • Corwin Hiebert, author of Living the Dream: Putting Your Creativity to Work [and Getting Paid]
  • Jill Badonsky, author of The Muse is IN and founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching
  • Kari Chapin, author of The Handmade Marketplace and Growing Your Handmade Business
  • Kelly Rae Roberts, artist, author and co-founder of Hello Soul. Hello Business.
  • Lisa Cherney, founder of Conscious Marketing
  • Rachna Jain, founder of Profitable Popularity

Some of the things you’ll learn from this fabulous line-up include:

  • The surprising truth about selling and why you may already possess natural abilities to help move people
  • Expert productivity tips on how to start finishing the stuff that matters
  • How to increase your online visibility, position your expertise, and make more moola
  • Why you need to ditch the niche so you can connect with and serve your right peeps
  • A compassionate approach to creating more loving, and refreshingly honest relationships with money
  • Insider secrets on running a successful creative business based on your heart and soul

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I can’t wait to “see” you there!

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